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BitBQ is up and cooking

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There always has to be a First Post, and this one is BitBQ’s. BitBQ is my little dream. A dream to write software that’s beautiful and easy to use that customers enjoy using.

To help kick start that dream, BitBQ has acquired FitnessTrack and Emergency Information from Justin Williams over at Second Gear Software. These are some great iPhone apps that look good and I think provide an excellent user experience.

I had the opportunity to meet Justin at WWDC this year while we ate some Korean BBQ. We had a good chat about his products (you should really be using both Today and Check Off) and how things with the iPhone were going. From reading his Twitter feed, I had gotten the impression he wasn’t very happy about being on the platform because of some of the things going on with the App Store.

A month or so after WWDC, Justin tweeted that he was thinking about just getting off the iPhone altogether. Not wanting to see his apps disappear, I emailed him to see if he would consider selling his iPhone apps to me. He was interested and after a little negotiation we made a deal for BitBQ to buy his apps.

So here we are now. Justin and I are trying to work with Apple to get the apps cleanly transferred over to BitBQ on the store. Which means, we’re trying to make sure that people who bought either app while they were owned by Second Gear will continue to receive updates from BitBQ. Keep an eye on this blog to keep track of that progress.

I’m really looking forward to adding new features to both FitnessTrack and Emergency Information. I think the App Store is in an interesting point in its evolution and I’m happy to be there.